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Yidcore - Let There Be PUNK

להקת הפאנק רוק האוסטרלית Yidcore שחבריה יגיעו להופעה בארץ בקרוב ידועים בגירסאותיהם המיוחדות לשירים ישראלים קלאסים במסורת הפאנק רוק, ההופעה שלהם תוססת, מצחיקה ומומלצת, לרגל האירוע שוחחנו עם סולן הלהקה בראם על הרעיון העומד מאחורי ההרכב המיוחד הזה:

1) how you come up with the name yidcore?

It was a bit of a joke really. Because we were originally just doing covers of jewish songs we thought we should have a name that straight up describes us. So we figured we were hardcore yids, which led to Yidcore.

2) how came the idea to combine those so different 2 worlds together?

We never really thought they were so different. I mean a lot of the classic jewish and Israeli songs were written during times of struggle, and punk is the soundtrack to struggle so it was only natural to combine them. Plus we thought it was funny that people take these songs so seriously, so we should have a bit of fun with them.

3) are the other guys in the band understand the concept behind yidcore or is it mainly your ideas?

Everyone is very into it. The ideas come from all of us, whether it be the song choices, or when we’re writing our own stuff. I think it would be hard to be in the band if you didn’t get the joke. You’d just stand there wondering what the hell was going on all the time.

4) how's the reaction of the australian fans for yidcore?

It always surprises me how good it is. We’ve had a couple of our songs all over the Australian radio and music tv stations. We’ve also had the chance to play some huge shows with some of our favourite bands like Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and a whole bunch more. I think Australians like to have a laugh and they understand that we are about having a non-stop good time party so it works surprisingly well.

5) were you suprised by the israeli scene? it seems like you know alot of bands and people here?

We love the Israeli scene. Before we came the first time we had no idea what to expect and we were totally blown away by how strong the scene is, both in terms of the number of awesome bands and the way the punks like to party so hard. I think in all the places we’ve been in the world Israel has been our favourite. I was actually talking to Jay from Frenzal Rhomb about this last week and we were just saying that the Israel punk scene is like nowhere else in the world.

6) how the contact between you and our scene started?

We had been emailing a bunch of people for quite a while. Then when Frenzal brought Useless ID to Australia the first time, we hooked up and Ishay said we should come if we get the chance. Basically because he said your falafel was far better than ours. Once we decided to come we hooked up with Yonatan from Arallu who had been trying to get us to come for ages andhe organized it all. So basically if you like us, thank yonatan and ishay. If you don’t like us, beat them up.

7) did you grew up listening to those traditional songs or was it just when you started the band?

Most of the songs we learnt back at school. We chose our songs from the favourite ones we knew from school camps and synagogue services and things like that.

8) did ever of the original composers and singers ever heard your versions? what was the reaction?

The only one we know is Naomi Shemer who made a comment after we were on the Guy Penis show. Apparently she hated us. Which is sad because we loved her. Oh and then there is Adam Sandler who also hates us. We’ve had a long legal fight with him, which I wanted to settle with a boxing match in a giant bowl of chicken soup but he was too muh of a pussy to take me on.

9) which kind of music you listen to at home?

A really big mix actually. Punk, hardcore, metal, jazz, broadway shows. Pretty much everything except hip hop and dance music, which I totally hate.

10) how you combine the punk rock values and tradition with the religions ones and how deep you are into religion? how often you visit cynagog?

I’m not particularly religious. I am more into the jewish tradition and culture. I think that stuff is great. I was the president of one of the main orthodox synagogues in Melbourne though sop that is pretty weird. As for my punk rock values, I am very involved n community work – helping disadvantaged people and things like that, through some of the jewish aid organizations. And I think I also combine them with me philosophy of doing the right thing and being an honest and strongly ideological person.

11) yidcore can be huge in israel with the right promo and press, have you ever thought about doing something in this direction?

We’d love to if anyone would wanna do it. But we’ve always kept a very strong punk ethic which keeps us on the fringes of the music world I guess. But hey, if you know anyone who wants to do that with us, give them my number hehehehe.

12) did you tried to get a record deal with american or europian label or the fact that you sing in hebrew is a problem there?

We actually had a record deal with an American label before we got signed in Australia. That deal is finished now but I know our Australian label is talking with some American labels. I mean we don’t only sing in hbrew. We do a mix. Most of our original songs are not in Hebrew though we have a couple which are half in Hebrew and half in English. They were actually a lot of fun to write.

13) are religion's jews people in australia ever heard yidcore?

Yeah and they are pretty divided about us. Half of them hate us and think we are destroying the religion and will burn in hell. The other half get the joke and think we are good fun and will come to shows and buy records and stuff. It’s pretty strange.

14) have you grown up as a religous and then discovered punk rock and decieded to combine or was it the other way around?

Neither. I’ve always had a very strong jewish identity but was never really religious. We started the band as a joke side project from our other band at a university show. There was a producer in the audience who then took us on so we had to dump the real band and yidcore became our real one. Which was cool because Yidcore is way more fun.

15) what people can expect from your show in israel?

I wish I knew what to expect myself. Last time we just let go and it ended up being a massive mess of hummus, shofars being shoved up asses and other general craziness. We don’t plan anything so who knows what will happen this time. But we do have a heap of new songs and a new tour cd. A lot fo the songs were ones that people asked us to make last time we were there. So hopefully whatever else people wanted last time they will get this time!


מאמר זה פורסם בתאריך Wednesday 23 November, 2005.
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